Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Olive-Copper Glory

I have been extremely busy with almost everything in life - work, home, kids, etc. etc. However, one might not use it is as an excuse for not being in touch. So my sincere apologies!!!

I want to update my blog frequently but like I mentioned above priorities starts playing and than time lapses quickly. Thanks for the lovely comments from all my tatting friends that read my rambling and keep me motivated.

With this note, I want to share something that I tatted with not so unique design. I got this design from an old tatting book (don't remember the name at this very moment). I recall that it was a running motif of a lace or doily. I took the building block of that doily/lace and made this piece of jewelry. I call it 'Olive-Copper Glory.' I chose Lizbeth # 20 thread called 'leaf green medium'. I accented it with stone beads in variegated color and with some glass beads in terracotta color. I also used little bit of copper seed beads to give that extra 'bling' to the piece. Findings I used are pure copper findings for both earrings and necklace.

I kept design of earrings small and simple. As you notice, there are only two rings connected with a chain. How complicated that can be! Most of the length comes from the accent bead and findings. And you might notice that the same simple design is also part of the necklace that covers the center motif.

I also gifted the same piece to one of my husband's Aunt oversees. She adored it. Every time I call her now, guess what is the topic of discussion ;) ?It is loved by almost everyone who has seen me wearing it.  I hope I find some appreciation from my virtual friends as well.

This simple yet elegant piece again re-iterates the story of tatting been a versatile art with which you can experiment, innovate, and present old with new angle. I believe most of us will agree!