Friday, September 26, 2008


Hmm.. I don't really know how I got inspired about blogging but I think my underlying passion to Tat was one thing certainly I could co-relate.

My tatting experience is fairly new. I would give it about 12 years since I learned it. Though I admit, I have not mastered it completely. There is lot of stuff that is untouched by me. Anyway, to dig some history here, this form of art came across me from one of my paternal aunt (my Dad's cousin). She tatted for a very long time and the only person in my experience to know this unique piece of art. She said that she learned it from some neighbor of her. Her had diversity in her work. She tatted from motifs, to handkerchief edgings, to piece of jewelry, to collars, to some embellishments for clothing, and dollies. She put a perspective to her work and excelled! I remember doing an edging for my Indian outfit as my birthday gift. I absolutely adored it!

She amazed me by her pieces that she tatted. I use to sit looking at her hands while she tatted and would imagine this is crazy! How can she materialize these knots that she tie? Then one day, I asked her to teach me. Generously, she did taught me. Considerably, it wasn't as easy as I thought. Well, after practising for many day, I would tie myself a knot and just a know but nothing else. Than, one day out of persistence, I learned it!

I'm building on since I learned it. Like, I mentioned, I haven't completely mastered the art but would love to touch on what other prominent artists have done. Being said that, when you visit my blog, please feel free to comment, criticize, appreciate, and let me know room to improvise. So connoisseurs', I'll especially keep an eye for your words!

With that, its just the beginning.....