Tuesday, August 21, 2012

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Monday, August 20, 2012

Curd and Whey - Aqua

Life has been busy!!! That busy that hobbies have to wait and so was updating the blog... However, it is always refreshing to visit my tatting friends and catching up, sharing, exchanging, etc.,etc...

I was thinking for a while what to share with you all. Than I came across this piece that I tatted during my son's school fundraiser. I named it "Curd and Whey-Aqua." Actually, it was given this unusual yet very 'yummy' already. It is an origin from Mary Knoir's edging that I came across from one of my favorite blogs and my favorite tatting person for her awesome videos Karen Cabrera. You can reach her blog here.

I used Lizbeth size 10 ocean turquoise lt-658 thread from HHtatting website.  It is a very fresh and lively aqua color. I paired the thread with copper findings and matching beads. Focal beads are handmade polymer clay beads.

I think it is very inspiring piece and I had lot of fun tatting it. I can say I was very happy after it was done. I did matching earrings in very simple yet sophisticated design. They can be worn together or without a necklace and they will tell there own story.

Let me know how you find my work. You are always an inspiration so keep visiting and lot of comments!!! This will keep me motivated to share my work and tat more...


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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Olive-Copper Glory

I have been extremely busy with almost everything in life - work, home, kids, etc. etc. However, one might not use it is as an excuse for not being in touch. So my sincere apologies!!!

I want to update my blog frequently but like I mentioned above priorities starts playing and than time lapses quickly. Thanks for the lovely comments from all my tatting friends that read my rambling and keep me motivated.

With this note, I want to share something that I tatted with not so unique design. I got this design from an old tatting book (don't remember the name at this very moment). I recall that it was a running motif of a lace or doily. I took the building block of that doily/lace and made this piece of jewelry. I call it 'Olive-Copper Glory.' I chose Lizbeth # 20 thread called 'leaf green medium'. I accented it with stone beads in variegated color and with some glass beads in terracotta color. I also used little bit of copper seed beads to give that extra 'bling' to the piece. Findings I used are pure copper findings for both earrings and necklace.

I kept design of earrings small and simple. As you notice, there are only two rings connected with a chain. How complicated that can be! Most of the length comes from the accent bead and findings. And you might notice that the same simple design is also part of the necklace that covers the center motif.

I also gifted the same piece to one of my husband's Aunt oversees. She adored it. Every time I call her now, guess what is the topic of discussion ;) ?It is loved by almost everyone who has seen me wearing it.  I hope I find some appreciation from my virtual friends as well.

This simple yet elegant piece again re-iterates the story of tatting been a versatile art with which you can experiment, innovate, and present old with new angle. I believe most of us will agree!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Green Go Bookmark

This is a sophisticated yet very simple one shuttle design for a bookmark. I got the pattern from the very first book that I owned for tattings - "Big Book of Tatting." It got lot of nice and simple pattern. I have tried other designs as well. This was done in DMC pearl cotton varigated thread. I adorned it with a beaded tail to enhance its simplicity. This again was my most requested piece. Personally, I like the beaded tail that compliments the tatting part very much.

I hope this liked by you as well!!!!


Dream Earrings

Most of you might be familiar with this pattern. Yes- you guessed it right! It is one of the beautiful and intricate design in tatting for chandelier type earrings. This is the pattern that Marliee Rockley shares for free on her blog. You can find this pattern here.

I did this is black pearl from DMC cotton thread. It is not the right thread but the end result was quite good. I ended up making these earrings upon request. So I would say it is one popular one.

I hope you all visit me soon!!! It feels lonely....

Black Medallion Beauty

This was the first piece that I started last piece. I got inspired from the pattern that was shared by Karen Cabrera (I hope I am spelling it right :)). Her blog Entre Lanzaderas is a very good site to learn all about tatting. She has interactive videos that teach you step by step from beginner to most advanced techniques. Definitely, a good site to visit!!! I always get a ooo's and aaah's from everyone when I am wearing it. I guess
the intricate bead work on it make it attractive and lively, I guess!!! I would love to hear from you all what do you think.
I had some challenges doing this piece. I think it was due the un-consistent tension. I still struggle to keep consistent and steady hand while tatting. Perhaps, I can share some of you expertise on how to have uniform tension. I will look forward for suggestions. And of course, something that I am still learning - how to hide the ends once finish tatting.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Catching Up.....


It's feeling good to catch up after such a long time!!!! I was busy with routine knick-knacks of life. With two kids, full-time job, and a passion to tat, it sometimes becomes difficult to ignore your passions and priortize accordingly....

Well, enough of regular rambling... and thanks for giving a good listening ear... sometimes we all need one :)...

My laziness would talk for itself when I share that I have downloaded the pictures of my work just yesterday. I am exhibiting some of the things that I have got chance to tat in all this time I was lost.

I have tried tatting some of your designs but that is solely for learning purposes. So lets start ride -- Neophyte Tatting.