Saturday, February 4, 2012

Green Go Bookmark

This is a sophisticated yet very simple one shuttle design for a bookmark. I got the pattern from the very first book that I owned for tattings - "Big Book of Tatting." It got lot of nice and simple pattern. I have tried other designs as well. This was done in DMC pearl cotton varigated thread. I adorned it with a beaded tail to enhance its simplicity. This again was my most requested piece. Personally, I like the beaded tail that compliments the tatting part very much.

I hope this liked by you as well!!!!


Dream Earrings

Most of you might be familiar with this pattern. Yes- you guessed it right! It is one of the beautiful and intricate design in tatting for chandelier type earrings. This is the pattern that Marliee Rockley shares for free on her blog. You can find this pattern here.

I did this is black pearl from DMC cotton thread. It is not the right thread but the end result was quite good. I ended up making these earrings upon request. So I would say it is one popular one.

I hope you all visit me soon!!! It feels lonely....

Black Medallion Beauty

This was the first piece that I started last piece. I got inspired from the pattern that was shared by Karen Cabrera (I hope I am spelling it right :)). Her blog Entre Lanzaderas is a very good site to learn all about tatting. She has interactive videos that teach you step by step from beginner to most advanced techniques. Definitely, a good site to visit!!! I always get a ooo's and aaah's from everyone when I am wearing it. I guess
the intricate bead work on it make it attractive and lively, I guess!!! I would love to hear from you all what do you think.
I had some challenges doing this piece. I think it was due the un-consistent tension. I still struggle to keep consistent and steady hand while tatting. Perhaps, I can share some of you expertise on how to have uniform tension. I will look forward for suggestions. And of course, something that I am still learning - how to hide the ends once finish tatting.