Saturday, February 4, 2012

Black Medallion Beauty

This was the first piece that I started last piece. I got inspired from the pattern that was shared by Karen Cabrera (I hope I am spelling it right :)). Her blog Entre Lanzaderas is a very good site to learn all about tatting. She has interactive videos that teach you step by step from beginner to most advanced techniques. Definitely, a good site to visit!!! I always get a ooo's and aaah's from everyone when I am wearing it. I guess
the intricate bead work on it make it attractive and lively, I guess!!! I would love to hear from you all what do you think.
I had some challenges doing this piece. I think it was due the un-consistent tension. I still struggle to keep consistent and steady hand while tatting. Perhaps, I can share some of you expertise on how to have uniform tension. I will look forward for suggestions. And of course, something that I am still learning - how to hide the ends once finish tatting.


Karen Cabrera said...

Yes! you spelled it right! and your piece is wonderful! :)

Prabhdeep said...

Thank you so much Karen!!! It is so good to get some words from your end... you are a true inspiration... i really learned a great deal from your videos so keep up the good work!!!