Thursday, June 9, 2011

Spring 2011 Bookmark Exchange

We finally see some sun in California after such a dramatic weather..... I hope summer has finally arrived ;)...

My passion for tatting was motivation for me this year to join inTatters for spring 2011 bookmark exchange and also join, a designing class that is offered by Sharon. I believe that things like bookmark exchange and 'have to do homework' keeps me up for tatting. Otherwise, it gets hard to even pick up shuttle and thread in the frantic everyday life!!!

I was so happy to receive my bookmark in mail yesterday. It was not just bookmark but also some lovely words from my tatting buddy. I can't tell you the exact feeling--it was amazing! When I opened the envelope and saw a letter, my eyes just brightened!!! It's just that we have forgotten this old ritual of writing to each other. But I really appreciate that my tatting buddy was very thoughtful and shared herself with me!! I went through lot of mood swings as I was reading line by line and kept wondering as someone was telling her story sitting right next to me. I was happy reading it for a moment yet nostalgic at some stances.

Along with the letter came a bookmark!!! I call it a 'friendship bookmark'. Very well worked on and with utmost precision. She picked a turquoise blue and violet shade with colors blended at right consistency. Not just me, my mom-in-law was amazed while glancing at it. It brought a huge smile to me and still very appreciative with amount of effort and sincerity that my buddy opened herself up with me!!!!

On my end, I chose to do "fan ornament" pattern by Teri Dusenbury. I picked up white thread to do it. I hope my receiving tatting buddy finds it useful and likes it as well!!! It is gift made by heart for my stranger tatting buddy!!!

Until further....