Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Sharons Tatting Design Class 2011

Sharon is offering a tatting design class this year again and I happen to enroll in it. It is a very good opportunity to know many expert and new tatters like me in the class. We all work together to learn the basics and than take them to each others proximity depending upon the level.

We are on lesson 4 that wanted us to create our own design using a common ring and flower center motif. I was bit nervous about this lesson since I have tatted using other people's pattern but have not tried creating my own design. I am still learning in tatting and I don't think I have reached far enough to do the 'real designing'. Despite my apprehension, I was able to come up with a fair design on paper. I was able to bring my basic techniques to play for this lesson. I was able to design something that include split rings and chains, clover leaves, rick-rack and Josephine knot. Real challenge came when I started tatting it.

I think I still need to work on my stitch count. My design came out be bit cramped and crowded yet I wanted it to have little bit more negative space than what I ended up having. I believe having two transitioning rings instead of only one big one from the basic motif might have helped a bit. I will try again to see if this theory works. For now, I'm proud of my design in spite of the difficulties that I came across. Perhaps, I can get some more suggestions from my blog friends-- ;)-- what say???



Anika said...

The stitch count is tricky to master when designing :-/ I usually, before embarking on the entire pattern, kinda sketch it out the size I want it to be and then just make a whole bunch of rings and chains in different sizes until it matches the pattern and how I want it to look.

That course seems pretty neat. I've been meaning to check it out...

I really like the shape of your motif!


Prabhdeep said...

Thanks Anika for the insight and kind words!! You are so right--it is very tricky... I will keep trying..