Friday, April 29, 2011

Spiral Bloom Earrings

Some Background:

With all the inspiring thoughts that I received on my come back blog entry, I thought to start with a happy note!!! I came across this beautiful thread from that I got from Yarnplayer as a sample when I ordered her first book “Boutique Tatting”. I’m not sure what it is called but I made these small earrings before with them as well!

I came across many of your fresh ideas and designs as I refreshed myself again with Tatting community on the net. This was inspiring enough to come up with something that I can call my own design. I can’t address my self as a designer yet because I guess it would take lot more effort, time and commitment. I am still a neophyte who is taking baby steps and learn everyday.


It is a very simple design with a simple three ring tatted flowers extended on two long helix strings made using Josephine knots. Both strings are joined on the top by simple 8-8 ring through which findings are attached to the piece.

It was a mind-boggling event since I am not so good in drawing designs on paper yet. I would appreciate some expert advice on how to draw awesome designs as many of you (Yarnplayer, Jon Yousf, Elizabeth, etc.) use in making diagrams or patterns?

Another challenge that I came across was finishing off the piece. I used steam iron to set the piece and than used some clear nail polish to finish it off. It wasn’t impressive end piece. But to my surprise, the clear nail polish changed the appearance of the color of the thread. It became dark and dull. I would again appreciate some expert advise here as to what is recommended way to finish the piece off?

I hope to hear back from you. Your feedback is very important for me through this learning phase. Please help me improve through this progression to next phase of tatting!

With Regards!

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Sherry said...

I'll try to figure out where to ask in InTatters what others do to add a "finish" to their jewelry :-)