Monday, June 1, 2009

Spring Earings--Motif # 6

I always commit myself to post soon but somehow these days it has been struggle. I'm expecting my second child very soon. It is only couple of days away (June 13 is my due date). It has been very busy but since I started my maternity leave, don't have to stress about work anymore. I'm trying to relax and do what I like these days and tatting is helping me lot to keep my anxiety at lowest levels!

Here is another creation. I always liked the small earrings that Elizabeth makes with most of here necklaces (Elizabeth's blog). She was generous enough to share her pattern with all of us. So I thought this is a good start for me. My 9-year old really liked them!

I hope baby doesn't come very soon so that I have some more time to myself. I'm trying to organize before the baby comes but will try to keep up the blog entries to my best. BTW, I don't know what I'm having. We are keeping it as a surprise!

I hope you all enjoy this creation. I will write soon!



Valerie said...

pretty, like candy!

***Jon**** said...

Good luck with the delivery of the baby and hope that everything will be smooth when the day arrives.

TattingChic said...

The earrings a pretty! How fun and bright and cheery! Perfect for summer coming up!

Congratulations on baby #2! I wish you both good health and may the delivery go as smoothly as possible! :)

Carol Lawecki said...

Lovely earrings! Seeing them reminded me that I wanted to print this pattern off. I want to make these too. Love the color you made them in.